I willl be making sound pieces alongside drawings for access via a weblink underneath the work, also some collaborative pieces along the same lines where I'll be creating sound pieces for certain Images.

I've been looking at drystone walls and their irregularities, and plan to integrate this into more compostions.

I have also been creating drawings and music for years. This has come together as various projects and is developing over time into a way of presenting a record in time via a drawing and a related sound work, I hope to also collaborate on a basis of the piece by the artists involved will be merged to give the drawing a voice or a more complete timestamp. I love the idea that by simply placing a link underneath a picture, new mobile technology allows us to access the sound/video instantly. I would like to tie together aspects of artworks such as location, sound and time created to relate drawings to real spaces.

I love the mediums of biro/ink on paper, compressed charcoal, and acrylic on primed paper, as far as musical or sound projects I love working with guitar/piano/voice and other ethnic instruments such as mbira , tabla , and electronic effects creating a variety of music via computer based editing, I am currently trying to merge the visual and the sounds together by experimenting and discussing.

Thanks for looking!